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I've been participating in the OpenStreetMap project for a while, mostly adding roads that I found in my wanders, but for the last couple of months, I've been putting an intensive effort into making one region of the map as good as I can get it: The Mojave National Preserve:

All of my changes to the map have been uploaded to the OpenStreetMap master database, which include:
  • Added Designated Wilderness areas from USGS database
  • Correcting classification of dirt and 4x4-only roads as "tracks"
  • Adding, correcting and adding detail to the railroads and power lines
  • Adding mines, volcanoes, dry lakes, springs, sand dunes and many other land features
  • Adding and correcting hundreds of tracks throughout the park
Further, I've modified the map rendering on my own OpenStreetMap database/tileset instance (above), to make the map more useful for those of us who use it to wander around in the desert:
  • Added special rendering rules for Designated Wilderness areas
  • Added elevation contours (in meters)
  • Added rendering of sand areas as speckled brown
  • Raised the rendering of all minor features to zoom level 12
  • Always render railroads as black-white tracks, so as to not confuse with roads
  • Render un-reviewed tracks as slightly wider and partially transparent.
I'll always be on the lookout for more roads, land features, and other data to add to the Mojave area, but I think I'm done with the first big effort.

Vanessa (2010-06-29): Very cool!

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