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Last weekend, I headed back to the northern island of the Mojave National Preserve that centers on Clark Mountain. Most of the area is a wilderness preserve, but there are trails all around, with springs, terrific views, and wildlife. In the past, I have seen deer, cattle and horses in the area. I went back, with the intention of finding more wildlife, by visiting all of the springs I could, where wildlife would likely congregate. I found some wildlife, two pairs of deer, lots of crows, and some cows, but none of the wild Burros I was really searching for. Lots of pretty scenery though!

Me, enjoying the fire, the stars, and some good Brandy

Views of, and from Clark Mountain

The little wildlife I photographed.

Colloseum Mine

On the trail to Clark Mountain, I was in a forest of Single Leaf Pinyon Pines, in just the right stage for harvesting some pine nuts for snacking. They were terrific!

mom (2010-11-16): What is that mineral with the square shape? Your photography is better and better. It looks to be a very peaceful place - I envy your visit there!

Erik (2010-11-16): That is Iron Pyrite in quartz stone. Thanks!

Connie Solari (2010-12-01): Your mother and I just finished looking at pictures on your site as we digested what MAY be better than Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream: Try vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate cabernet pear sauce. Oh my. You and Vanessa look very very happy, and I'm thrilled to know how to keep up with you now :-) XO

Erik (2010-12-11): Hi Connie!

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