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For my birthday this year, Vanessa and I headed down south for the day. We had lunch at The Field, then took off for the southern Anza Borrego desert for some hiking and wildflower scouting.

Expectedly, this early in the year, there were few wildflowers. (There were some though. Wildflower season is definitely starting!) However, the place we choose to hike, Mountain Palm Springs, is a natural spring, with more flora and fauna than we expected!
On the hike up the canyon from the campground to the springs, we encountered many quail, doves, honey bees and even a hummingbird. Vanessa had a great time taking pictures of the wildflowers! The Beaver Tail Cactus and Barrel Cactus were putting on the greatest flower displays.

The trail consists of several small springs, four stands of California Palm Trees, and, this time of year, a lot of running surface water.

The final, largest Palm grove is was a great surprise! Lots of running water, hundreds of birds, a large pond full of frogs, and very pretty. Vanessa and I spent a good deal of time in this relatively small area. The display of birds, the animal sounds, the sunset and desolate surroundings made for a very satisfying, contemplative spot!

Cousin Rebecca (2011-03-10): Oh my gosh, these photo's are absolutely amazing! They soooo make me miss my hometown in the Desert even though San Jose is my town now and I wouldn't leave here for anything! Well, maybe... heh heh! Happy Birthday Eric, maybe oneday we shall meet. 0x0x0x0x0x!

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