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A while back, I was looking for the best format in which to save all my geographic data: waypoints, tracklogs, etc. I came across a format called GeoRSS, and reading about it, thought, "It's just a XML format for geo-stuff, uninteresting." How quickly I find a use for something just weeks ago I thought was useless...

For a while now, I've been adding GPS coordinates to most of the pictures in my image database. The image viewer page would display a link to Google maps if the image had positional metadata. The next feature I wanted was to display a set of images on a map, such as all the images from a trip. Then of course, I would like to embed that map into articles on this site, such as for camping trips or vacations. Well, georss fits right into that plan! I built a set of GeoRSS-generating scripts, one that generates GeoRSS data for a set of images, and one that generates GeoRSS data for all images linked to from an article on this site. I then integrated GeoRSS loading into my OpenStreetMap map page. Then, I added a special "map" tag to the "smart links" parser to glue them all together. So, say I link to a few geo-tagged images from this article, like so:

I can also create a link to Racetrack Playa , that has a latitude and longitude associated with it.

Then, I add a "map" tag to the article, which will scan the document for geo-enabled content, build GeoRSS content, and feed it into my OpenStreetMaps map, and embed the map into this article as an i-frame:

Neat, eh?

Lastly, I added to the top of each article page, the little GeoRSS Icon () which you can copy-and-paste into any GeoRSS viewer you like, such as Google Maps!

Tim (2010-01-24): Georss is very easy to use. The code it takes to transform other xml data to georss is minimal. XSLT is fairly easy to learn. And most of your maps api's can consume georss, ie. Bing, Google Esri web apps atc. I am working on a AIS to georss for a specific area now.

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